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Hello, fellow designers, good to have you back! Welcome to another week of news and inspiration. We highlight the best isometric design findings, which never fall of the radar. Isometric view is all about transforming a flat structure into its 3D equivalent. A major advantage in crafting such illustrations is the power of interpretation of each viewer. Being a visually stimulating style, it can never be too monotonous.

Hopefully the following selection will inspire you and make things happen. You can contact us anytime if you want to be featured next week. Also, be sure to bookmark this page for your future design projects to take a glimpse in your research next time.

This second week should have something extra, right? Anyone can find here, among the weekly isometric findings, some fresh and briefly set of news and freebies.

📰 Brutal Geo Patterns FREE – A new pattern collection named Brutal Geo Patterns by Ivan Vedensky. The pack contains 20 high quality geometric patterns inspired by brutalist architecture.

📰 CSS Animo – Minimal yet effective CSS animations ready to use, just copy & paste!

📰 New Yahoo Logo – A refreshed identity by Pentagram

📰 Line icon Pack – 212+ line icons are waiting for your next project, free to download

📰 Free PSD iPhone 11 Pro Max – Be the first to download the Pro Max mockup to use for your projects


Ok, let’s get started. 😃

Cruise isometric design
Cruise by Pavel Korkunov

Pavel had the right idea in creating this artwork – Fine selection of strokes and colors – that is what elevates any project and make it look polished.

Mobile Commerce Illustration
Mobile Commerce Illustration by Tanah Air

Landing page template of Mobile Commerce Illustration Concept. Perfect to use for any website.

Book Series

Beautiful linking of isometric objects enclosed in a clever way: two books serving as a base for this artwork.

Isometric technology
NFC & QR Code

Ingenious example on how to use isometric view in illustrating tech related activity.

Isometric view of Number 6
Number 6

Numbers can also be turned into astonishing artworks. It takes a great color palette and some isometric skills.

Isometric illustration of a man sitting at the edge of an endless smartphone
Fix the Internet

Don’t we all wish that? Such illustration is part of a set made for an interactive book by Nesta. This book features all types of written / visual resources, reflecting on the internet’s past and future.

Isometric icons
Set of isometric icons

Fine selection of tech related isometric icons. From pie charts to holograms, you can find the right one to drive your inspiration.

Isometric animation of man standing in front of a mirror
Real life vs. Online

Haha, who can relate? Instagram is only for our best pics, right?

Pass the mic
Pass the mic by Joanna Ławniczak

Outstanding choice of colors will always elevate any illustration. 

Pie Chart

If only data visualization was so pretty all the time. 

Isometric graduation diploma
Graduation collection by Isoflat

Pile of books and a graduation cap…what can I say more? Back to school set is here. Download this asset for free here.

Nintendo game in isometric view
Nintendo play by

Amazing compositional construction of a playful field…on an Nintendo console. Clever, right?

Restaurant in isometric style
Coffee house by night

Interesting approach by this designer, the red lights add a note of mystery in this story.

Tech animated in isometric design
Cloud Services – Syncing

Lovely ongoing loop between a laptop, a smartphone and a PC…will it ever stop?

That’s all for this week. However, if you’ve never designed an isometric illustration before, this free step by step tutorial made in Adobe Illustrator will have you creating a simple isometric grid and some basic isometric shapes. If you’re a beginner or simply want to know more about isometric design, this tutorial is for you.

Stick around for the next round of isometric inspiration!

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