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As we already know, isometric design is a significant trend across digital platforms this year. It’s easier to understand and visualize concepts or data from this type of design, it’s less cluttered and it has an unique perspective compared to flat style. Using inspired isometric design can simply uplift your originality and separate you from the competition.

Welcome to the new series Isometric design findings, where you’ll discover emerging talents with great graphic design skills. Each week we’ll share various illustrations from talented designers which bring to their public new exciting design aesthetics and techniques. From expressive personal projects to projects from clients, you’ll be getting a lot of content to save on your own personal folder of inspiration.

Expand your potential ideas even further, become more aware about what inspires you and build envisioned concepts. You can try out isometric illustration by yourself. To get started, you just need to use an isometric grid to symbolize your visual story. You can also check Instacollections for a daily boost of creativity from our Instagram page.

Do you want to be featured next week in our series? Leave us a comment below. 😃

Without further ado, take a look to the 16 inspired isometric design found this week.

Isometric cube animated that expands
Expandable cube by Michael Lanning
Isometric Train Station
Train station by Studio Muti
Coin Market Cap illustration
Coin Market Cap Illustrations by Igor Kozak
Pink Floyd effect by Rich Stromwall
Animated books in a box by Anastasija Glidzic
Making-off by Gentry Baird
Isometric Google type by Anastasia Nekrasova
Animated blocks by Phil Nicholson
Website construction by Dmitrii Kharchenko
Virtual reality concept by Ivan Haidutski
Tech screens by Lionel
Gamer starter pack by Marius Juozas
Shopping spree by Mila Spasova
Lost in digits by Nick Matej
Isometric design colorful
Isometric city by Seva
Channel surfing by Sam Burton

Do you love isometric design? 🎉 Learn how to make your own isometric illustrations here.

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