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Have you ever wanted to know what fonts do famous brands (and not only) use? Font identification platforms don’t do justice every time, but they are especially useful because their database encapsulates a large collection of fonts, being able to accurately predict similar typefaces.

Are you struggling to locate that specific typeface that matches your creative vision?

WhatTheFont and Font Identifier are one of the best font predictors, you just have to drop an image of your desired font and the algorithm will find the best match for you.

That’s why we’ve gathered a small collection of the best elegant fonts for designers used in famous logos that you can download and use in personal projects. Some of the fonts can also be used in commercial projects so be sure to check them out.

These already famous fonts commands attention and often feature an unique view of the entire artwork. Regardless of what type of project you need it, fonts will always have a crucial role in design.

If you want to use the same font of a specific brand the next time you design a logo, see our findings below, we’ll constantly update this list.

Similar to Metroscript

Are you looking for a free pixel font?

Do you want to know other famous logo fonts? Let us know.

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